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ADHD Baby Likes Ducks

I'm participating in a school project with my niece in Seattle. It involves her writing me letters and asking things about my life, and me sending letters back, telling stories from my childhood on. I wrote the first one, which was about my "early years". Thinking about my early childhood of course brought up all kinds of memories. But one glaring thing stood out: I could have been the poster child for ADHD. In the fifties and sixties, I know they knew of Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder, but I hadn't heard of it, and I know until the seventies, it wasn't much publicized. And for many years, they said adults and females did not have it. If I was growing up now, I think by the time I was two, parents and pretty much everyone around me would have figured it out. I always HAD to be doing something. When I was two, my dad and siblings and I were waiting in the park in downtown Houston for my mom to get off of work. Waiting is not something I've ever been good at. I jumped in the huge pond to get a duck. My dad picked me up by the back of my sunsuit, and I was yelling, "I wanna quack-quack". Well, I was bored, the ducks were there, what was I supposed to do?

When I was writing the letter, all I could think of were incidences that are so clearly ADHD related, but at the time, I was just a hyper kid who couldn't sit still. Academically school was always very easy, but my behavior was so bad I got paddled every year but fourth grade. Most years I was the only girl in the class to do so. Until now, I never really thought much about it, but hey, that's not very common, didn't anyone wonder what the problem was? I was never mean, I'd just get in trouble for talking, interrupting the teacher, laughing and making others laugh. "Disrupting the classroom" is what notes home always said.

It's a whole new world, and people are realizing what a gift and asset ADHD can often be if managed properly. I'd like to manage mine properly. lol.   Jan


Ann Taylor and Cuban Black Bean Soup

K. I'm back home and really am going to get started. I have a pot of Cuban Black Bean Soup on the stove, even splurged and put a little Chorizo in it. Good news, Pat said Goodwill was having the sale, but it was Salvation Army, which I like much more. Every now and then they have a dollar sale where every item of clothing, even heavy coats and shoes, is a dollar. I bought a blue stripe button up shirt and a black sweater. In the past, I've bought several blazers and suit jackets, some brand new, and brands like Jones New York and one Ann Taylor. Yep, for a dollar. I plan on wearing them if I go back to working a regular job and not painting. Painting is very hard on Ann Taylor jackets. The only place I wear anything but jeans is to church, and boys and girls, we know how often Jan goes to church, don't we? Jan comes home and blogs about it and sends church humor stories. Yes, it's been a while. I did go to church a couple of weeks ago, it was on a Saturday afternoon and they were having a pig roast.  Yum, I like that church.  Jan

Dollar Day

Crisis. I have no cookies. I stole a Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pie out of somebody's box in the kitchen. Shhh, don't tell. No nutritional value, but somehow I feel better.  

I'm going to try to use the same organizational system I used for many years that worked so well for me. My life then was: raising 3 GREAT kids, having a home day care- keeping 3-5 kids in addition to my own three 50 hours a week, going to college 3 nights a week, and BEING HAPPY. My home was so clean and organized I constantly got comments, and taught the system to some of my day care moms.

So, umm, if I can get away from here, I guess I'll start. Here I go. I'm going now. Hey, remember that commercial with the little boy running away from home, and he was saying that? What was that for? Soup? I don't know. What are/were your favorite commercials? My favorite ever was the elephant dancing in the rain in the jungle. Wasn't that long ago. I also LOVE the one where the boy's with his mom at the bank and he starts putting stuff in the vacuum tube. It flies out and hits cars in the drive-through. He's definitely ADHD. I love him. Pat just called, Goodwill has all their clothes for a dollar today, I gotta go.  jan

adhd plans

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I need to regroup. While working only a few weeks, my life fell apart. As it does every time I do that. And I know what I need to do, I just don't do it. I know that being ADHD, I have to be extremely organized or my whole world is chaos. I've lived both ways, and I don't know why I have not been organized the past few years. But I want to change that, and am going to start working on it today. Right after I have a cookie or two.  jan


McCain nope Obama nope

Voting time is almost here. It's the first time I ever felt like I couldn't vote because I had no one to vote for. I wonder how many people are thinking this way. I disagree with McCain on pretty much all the issues he talks about. Obama has a history of making very poor, and potentially very dangerous decisions. And he has no experience that can help him face what's ahead. On the surface I come closer to agreeing with a lot of what he says, but what someone 'says' during campaigning is superficial and to me doesn't mean much at all. What someone has done and proven in the past does mean a lot to me. I know people who are voting for Obama because they keep saying we need a change. Don't they get that change is not always better? I want a change too, but I want a change for the better. A lot of years I feel like I'm voting for who I think is the best out of two great men. Not this year. But hey, I'm just jan the painter.   jan



Okay, it's been a little longer than I thought. I've had tons of painting work, people getting ready for winter/holidays, and some jobs have come from people who are remodeling instead of moving.Then I've had leftover paint, so I decided to paint some of this house...why why why does it take 5X as long to paint the place you live? Okay, I know the answer...I paint "around" things, over things, no organization,whereas someone else's place is empty or at least everything's moved out of the way, and dropcloths EVERYWHERE. I love to paint, but I'm sick of it right now. Enough. I have paint spots on me that I could have sworn I got off, I think they're coming through my pores. I had the ummm interesting experience of painting with a lower price Glidden paint the other day. (I'm a Behr baby!). It was only 13 bucks a gallon. Five coats later, it may have been the most expensive paint I've used. A whole gallon for a small hall. Satin finish, beautiful color, but it doesn't cover...it's like it's transparent. And it feels "slimy". I know that sounds weird, but it does. It feels slimy rolling or brushing it on. It's a lot cheaper to buy a 25-30 dollar a gallon paint.   Jan