I'm so happy to have Internet service back! So many things going on, but it seems like I have more time and get more done when I have the Internet. It takes a long time and a lot of gas money to take my laptop somewhere else to use it, so I only do the minimum of what I need, and nothing fun (like blogging!), when I go. Of course the closest place to me with free wifi is McDonald's, and I have to have a little snack or at least a drink while I'm there.  : )   It finally occured to me I could get IS cheaper than gas money and McD's money.


It's All Too Much!

Down to one job, need another part-time. That means...I have time to write! But I'm out of the habit now and not sure I can. Something that's been bothering me more than usual is...It's just TOO MUCH. Everything. News, Information, Technology, groceries, clothes, expectations, EVERYTHING. It all gets mixed up together in my brain until I can't think at all. Everything I come across, if I don't know much about it, I have to look it up. Then often, the more I learn about it, the more upset I get. Fun things are ok, but time consuming. Newsy, informational, scientific, etc...that's what the problem is. I've read so much about our food that I feel paralyzed in the grocery store. Everything I look at, all this information on it runs through my head and I don't want it. Between what it's made of and how it's made, there's not a lot left to eat. Pollution, the negative side of human nature, money, class,'s enough to make a sane person feel ADHD and an ADHDer nuts. And that's just stuff that affects us directly in our everyday lives.

I think about a simpler lifestyle, mine is simpler already than most of America, but it's still overwhelming to me. I only have an Internet connection a few hours a week, it's off and on and sometimes days before I can connect. I have cable tv, but it's a 13" tv with basic cable, so not a problem of watching too much. This is the first time since 1996 that I haven't had Internet, so it's taking some getting used to, but I'm more productive on the days I don't have it, that's for sure.
I've always been a 'knowledge junkie', but when I was younger that meant a stack of library books every week. Now it means I have to And then, it's not limiting like a book, it's endless. Look up one thing and it leads to another and least now my connection cuts out so I don't get too carried away. And then, .... what is that bug? Looks like a ladybug with yellow spots....think I can catch it....oh, on other side of the screen, wait....


January Stuff

January already feels like a race, so much to do! How can it be the fifth day of the year and I'm already this far behind? The good part of this is, I have side jobs, and am also submitting a resume tomorrow for a great job. So why am I here blabbing, I mean blogging, instead of tweaking my resume/cover letter? No, I don't know, I'm asking you all why!
Sometimes I just plain can't think.
I've worked every day since I got back from Indiana, that's helped me to not be too sad, missing my grandkids. Noah is 8 weeks old! He's outgrown his newborn clothes already, and he smiles and laughs and coos all the time. He's so happy, and it's impossible to not be happy just looking at him. See?


Not Spring.

Okay, I like cold, I like snow a lot, but I lived in Florida and Texas most of my life. The day after Christmas, I’m done.We always put the holiday things away while listening to Jimmy Buffett and got ready for Spring, which would be there any day. Somehow doing that while snowed in is just not the same. And, it’s a long wait for Spring. 


Oh, here I am.

I lost my blog, I found it, but didn't remember what email I used, so I couldn't sign in. I forgot I created a new email just for it, so I searched my computer and ta-da!
So, anyway, I've had a great Christmas season, I spent time with my daughter and her family, which just happens to include my BRAND NEW GRANDSON! And of course, my wonderful grandaughter, who is 10, and my 16 year old grandson! Then back home, and back to work.
I'm trying to find people from Spaces that I followed, it will take a while to get settled here I guess.  


Live Spaces?

Geez, This was part of a website from Windows Live Spaces. It’s closing and they moved us to WordPress. Nice of ‘em. I think I'd rather have Blogger, but not sure. Certainly open to suggestions! I know everything new like this takes some getting used to, and I’m prone to not like unexpected changes, but so far, I don’t particularly like it. It eliminated most of what I had, and most of the formatting on what it did keep. But, you know, I think I’ll get over it and get used to it. Not really high on my stress list right now. It will just take me a while to set this up.  ~Jan


August New Year’s

      School’s started, new church activities, new friends and opportunities. It seems like this time of year is more like Spring than Spring, and more like the New Year than New Year’s!. For those of us with kids or around kids, I think this has always seemed like the New Year. I find myself wanting new school supplies and new clothes, and it’s been ummm… a ‘while’ since I was in school or had a child in school.

     Does every state have a weekend or more a year where there is no tax on school supplies and clothing? Ours was this weekend, and I got a pair of jeans and a new shirt, plus some pens, markers and a notebook. I’m ready just in case I find a class I can take. I’m taking a free Spanish course online…does that count? I really needed new jeans for that.

     As usual, the clothing I tried on was made much smaller than last year. I don’t know what it is, that every year the sizes shrink. Five years ago I was a size 7 or 8 jeans, or a size 29 in guys. The pants have gotten so small I’m now a size 12 or 13. I took a size 11 in juniors with me, and did get them on…well, they were stuck around my knees, and even hopping up and down tugging on them didn’t make them budge. I kind of fell against the dressing room door while hopping around, and scared the daylights out of the people waiting, good thing it had an actual door and not those curtains a lot of them have, or I would have come through the curtains and ended up on top of one of the ladies from the senior citizen group that had come in on a bus, who were all waiting to try on their beaded, glittery butterfly shirts. (54 is NOT a senior citizen, just because she belongs to the Senior Citizen Center downtown! I don’t even get a discount at McDonald’s yet.) So then, after I recovered, I did get a 12 on, but it took me a long time and I actually laid down on the bench in the dressing room while buttoning and zipping and for some reason my face turned red and I was feeling a little woozy. I may have done permanent damage to my tummy. So, anyway, I got a 14 and felt fine. I don’t want to talk about the shirts.

     Does everyone have their new #2 yellow pencils sharpened??