Pardee Coal Camp


The genealogy research is getting to me. Sometimes it's very exciting, reading stories about ancestors in other countries, and ones right out of history books. But some of it makes me sad, and I'm not sure why. I had a lot of relatives born and raised in coal mining camps, and I've grown up hearing stories about life there. Pardee, Virginia was a coal camp, a mining town. Now, it's been buried by the coal companies, the mountain has been moved on top of it.

I've heard a lot of good stories, and they have a lot of good memories. I guess I don't understand why it makes me sad. Looking from the outside, it sounds like a hard way of life. And a lot of those places are so far back in the mountains, I don't know how they ever got out. The sun rises over the mountains half way through the morning, and it's going down way before the top of the mountain runs out of light, that's for sure. It didn't matter to the miners, it was dark when they went in, dark all day, dark when they came out.

But, anyway, I have access to for 6 weeks, and then I'll move on to researching something else.         




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I haven't had time to do this, and I've lost count of who all's tagged me, Artistic Baker was the last, so here goes

1. Number one is: I just went to a couple of other people's sites to see what they wrote in their tags! Is that cheating? Can I copy their answers?? Naw, believe me, you don't want to hear about MY sex life, don't have one, would HAVE to copy their answers!

2. I could spend weeks alone, as long as I had books and a pen and paper.

3. I tent camped by myself from New Mexico up through the Rockies in Colorado.Was there on 9-11.

4. I've spent hours alone, watching bears, eagles, and dolphins in the wild.

5. I camped in Terlingua, Texas and Big Bend National Park with my husband and my son. Saw javalinas, a mountain lion, and was trapped inside the tent by a skunk. Sat up on a mountain watching wild horses down in Mexico.

6. I like being outside, can you tell?

7. I dress pure tomboy-jeans, t's, sneakers and boots, but wear sexy ling..langur...loung...umm..underwear underneath.

8. I've worn Obsession for 20 years. It just smells like me.

whew, i did it, I'm not tagging anyone because I think everyone on my friend's list has BEEN tagged.

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A day off and it's half gone already. Time goes by so fast, I feel like I have to hold on or I'll fall. I never did like merry-go-rounds. Things are going pretty good for me, I've had a lot of good things happen, the puppy situation, I've had work, some good some yucky, among a couple of other things I'm working part-time for a great non-profit organization, not much money but I love it, my kids are all doing well, and the best thing was going to see my daughter and family last month.

I also have a renewed interest in genealogy, brought on by Pat's subscription to I admit, last night instead of writing and blog-walking, I spent it in 1600 Scotland. I already have tons of genealogy records, done by my Mom and mostly my cousin Diane. I'm going off on another side of the family, the Marshall side.

School has already started here, I grew up starting school after Labor Day, and ending the second week in June. No spring break though, and in Florida and Texas, we didn't have snow days, but we usually had a couple of hurricane days.