My dreams have been a little more nuts than usual lately. They're on a Christmas kick. My Mom has her place decorated in the dreams (probably 11 in the last two weeks). But, these are my dreams, so of course there are lots of animals running around too. I had 2 wolves last night, seemed like a good thing to me. I've had this pet...looks like a green plastic dinosaur. It stands on it's two hind feet to walk, and it's about 2 feet tall. It's been in a couple of dreams lately, I like it. It's kind of mean, will bite others, I call it Sweetie. So, I'm in and out of my Mom's place, which varies with the dream, we are doing last minute Christmas shopping at Target and K-Mart, and a grocery store that's my dream grocery store. Not that it's my DREAM Grocery store, it's just the store I get groceries in, and often work in in dreams. I'm not sure where the lions and tigers are, I think I saw two of the lions on YouTube. It's like going to the movies every night.  





One week, 38 hours of driving, in 3 parts, a tiny puppy named Tiki, and over 100 bucks in rolled pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Vacations are a wonder*ful thing. Pat looked for months last year to find a Bichon Frise breeder she liked. Finally, she found one about 350 miles from here. She and I went to get the puppy, ended up getting two puppies, and fell in love with the whole family. My daughter (N), who has one Bichon for my granddaughter and has wanted another for my grandson (D), immediately said she'd wait for the next litter from L's dogs. We stayed in touch with L for almost a year, sending pics and updates on the doggies. All her people stay in touch, which is a cool thing to see how all the brothers and sisters are doing. So, when the mama dog was pregnant a few weeks ago, there was already a waiting list of friends and friends of friends for puppies. L had told N she could have first pick a long time ago.

I'm trying to make this short, it could be a book. Short version...N couldn't come to see or get a puppy, Pat and I went and picked out the puppy, with a lot of calling and sending pics over the phone while we were there. As soon as I walked in though, Tiki came up to me and said, "Oh there you are, I'm ready to go". There was no contest, it was obvious which puppy belonged to D. So, Tiki came home with me for a couple of days, until we could make plans to get the dog another 600+ miles to N. We left Wednesday, and left there to come back home Sunday. I'm still tired. It was wonderful to see L and her husband again, we took the other two Bichons with us, so there were 8 Bichons running around being funny. They are the happiest, most entertaining dogs ever.

The visit with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids was perfect, except it was so hard to leave. Tiki and their other dog, Coconut, were immediately best friends, and by the time we left, Tiki was mostly potty trained and followed the kids everywhere they went.

There's so much more, it was a very special event, with lots of twists and turns, I might write more another time.

Gas prices! Went progressively higher heading north. Started at 3.73 here, ended at 4.19. Cost was probably about the same per mile, the low prices were where we were going over mountains, watching the gas gauge needle go down, higher prices were over flat land.


Back from visiting.

Hi! I've been gallavanting around the country, visiting kids and grandkids. I just got back from seeing my daughter N, and her family. Two grandkids there, boy 13, girl 8. Incredible! I had not been with them for a year, and they've grown SO much! You just can't tell in photos. D is 13, and about 5'9". He was about 5'3" last year. M is Gorgeous. She's always been the cutest kid anywhere, but that's turned into an incredible beauty, while still being Super Cute!

Homeschooled kids have so much creativity and energy. And usually far, far advanced academically. I've been home a little over 24 hours and I'm still in awe.

My kids have grown into the most wonderful adults. I am so proud of them, words just cannot say.


So, anyway, tears again. I haven't blog walked, it will take me days, I know. I wanted to say hi and to let you know I didn't get so Sidetracked that I disappeared or anything permanent.