I'd like to add music to my site using Windows Media Player. I added the player, and it says list the address of where the music is. I don't know where to get music that will play on here. I download music to my computer, but don't know what sites I can link to...HELP!  Jan


Hey, I've been playing with photos. I'm scanning family photos to get them on the computer and saved digitally. It takes a l o n g time. But I was putting some into folders and added a few to my site. My house was in Safety Harbor, FL. It was a beach-cottage style house built in the 1940's. Except it was almost a mile from the beach. I loved it, and I colored it. Yep, I know your mom said don't color on the walls, but I just kind of did whatever I wanted. I loved doing that stuff. The pictures are a little rough, I'll eventually clean them up with Photoshop or Irfanview.


Last night I put an album on I named home2007. It's photos from around where I live now in Kingsport. I was born in Texas, and lived in Florida and Texas most of my life.    Jan