Carpet vs. Jan

I'm trying to do a few home projects this weekend. I want to remove the carpeting in my room. I think it's causing problems with my asthma, but when I'm going through asthma stuff, I think everything causes problems. I can't take everything out of my room, so I'm cutting up the carpet a piece at a time. I would not recommend this process for anyone other than a slightly loony asthmatic on heavy pharmaceuticals. Pat walked in earlier, I'm there in the floor with a particle mask on, with sweat running down my face, my reading glasses half falling off, pulling backwards on a stubborn piece of carpet, just as she opened the door, the carpet came up and I went down. haha. Not really funny, I thought.
So, what am I going to do when I get the carpet up? There's only the subfloor, not the old hardwood floors I had hoped for. I can't afford to do anything nice. I might just paint it with floor paint, and later put in new floor cover. At least it would stop the dust and all in the room.


Happy Birthday Girls!

My girls are having birthdays. Lisa was 35 last Saturday, Nicki is 38 today. My son Jesse, turned 30 in January. I'm so proud of them, I could never find the words to explain how I feel. I love them so much, and I wonder why God choose me to bless as their mom. Thank You God. Thank You.

my space is a mess

Geez, I had no idea that big 'ol skydrive box was on the front of my page. That's what I get for not coming around I guess. I feel like I had toilet paper hanging from my shoe and didn't know. I think I got rid of it, not sure yet. I've just been aggrivated over the amount of junk mail and spam I'm getting with this address. I only use it for live spaces.

I still don't know how you all do this with working all the time and kids and life! I miss you!   jan