Not Spring.

Okay, I like cold, I like snow a lot, but I lived in Florida and Texas most of my life. The day after Christmas, I’m done.We always put the holiday things away while listening to Jimmy Buffett and got ready for Spring, which would be there any day. Somehow doing that while snowed in is just not the same. And, it’s a long wait for Spring. 


Oh, here I am.

I lost my blog, I found it, but didn't remember what email I used, so I couldn't sign in. I forgot I created a new email just for it, so I searched my computer and ta-da!
So, anyway, I've had a great Christmas season, I spent time with my daughter and her family, which just happens to include my BRAND NEW GRANDSON! And of course, my wonderful grandaughter, who is 10, and my 16 year old grandson! Then back home, and back to work.
I'm trying to find people from Spaces that I followed, it will take a while to get settled here I guess.