Live Spaces?

Geez, This was part of a website from Windows Live Spaces. It’s closing and they moved us to WordPress. Nice of ‘em. I think I'd rather have Blogger, but not sure. Certainly open to suggestions! I know everything new like this takes some getting used to, and I’m prone to not like unexpected changes, but so far, I don’t particularly like it. It eliminated most of what I had, and most of the formatting on what it did keep. But, you know, I think I’ll get over it and get used to it. Not really high on my stress list right now. It will just take me a while to set this up.  ~Jan


  1. Wooohoooo, I'm FIRST! Jan, it took forever to figure out how to follow you, lol. Back a few months ago when I was blogging, I could skip around and do all sorts of things (other than fix my own little blog spot, sheesh), but when I came to see you here tonight, I couldn't do a thing. My memory died, my fingers froze, and I must have had a dozen windows open trying to sign in, add, and you name it. But here I am and I am THRILLED to see you. Now all you and I have to do is start blogging again. Love your page by the way. Pass that coffee over here :D
    You said there's so much that's different over here, yes, that's true, but the UP side is that a person can leave a book for a comment if they want to. Not like what happened over in Spaces. That turned into a pure mess, but I loved it way back when. Oh well. Time marches on. I haven't closed out Spaces yet because (surprise, surprise) I can't figure out how to do it yet, LOL. I'll get there; still time left.
    Ok, Jan, let's make a pact. We MUST blog at least a tiny update each week....all right, make it once a month minimum, lol.
    Til then, you've got my email, you've got my home address, you've got my phone number, and so now there's no excuse :D
    Cya soon, sweet stuff!

  2. I had to come back this morning because I forgot to tell you something. There was a sentence that you wrote on 10/30/10, and it said, "And, another thing is, how can I make room for 'new' if my arms are still full of the 'old'. Put it down, let it go, then there's room for new. "
    Jan, in a million years you will never know what that did for me -- something so pure and full of wisdom and my gosh, why didn't I think of that? I think you just saved me a bundle of $ that would have been earmarked for therapy, lol. I laugh but I'm serious. Thank you for that XXX

  3. ...and it's 2 days after Thanksgiving, and have we heard a peep from you? Do I need to come over there? Let's else can I try to intimidate you to get crackin' on blogging again?
    You'll get used to the changes, meaning the diff between blogger and wls. And already your page is looking really good. I've been here for about 4-5 months and it was only last week that I figured out how to do a header/banner. Today I found my old one that I loved (my Jen Car that I made) and all I had to do was shorten the length (still not spot on but close). That made me feel more at home. OH, and ck out the leaves I put on, too. It's a kick. Found them totally by accident.
    Come on, Jan, I miss you. BLOG!
    xoxoxo (and give Pat my best, too, ok?)

  4. Ah HA! It's about time you opened that Christmas card from me, lol. Just saw you do it. Yep, I'm the eye in the sky for sure.
    How are you, Jan? Haven't seen you in a long time again and haven't heard a word from you otherwise,either. Are you ok? Let me know. XOXOXO
    Merry Christmas to you and tell Pat for me, too :D