I'm so happy to have Internet service back! So many things going on, but it seems like I have more time and get more done when I have the Internet. It takes a long time and a lot of gas money to take my laptop somewhere else to use it, so I only do the minimum of what I need, and nothing fun (like blogging!), when I go. Of course the closest place to me with free wifi is McDonald's, and I have to have a little snack or at least a drink while I'm there.  : )   It finally occured to me I could get IS cheaper than gas money and McD's money.

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  1. Good grief, Jan, look at the date. You posted in March 2012 and it's now July 2013 when I saw it. I haven't blogged in about 3 yrs now but hope to start back up again one of these days. So how ARE you?? How's Pat and her knees? Gosh, it's been so longgggg. I still have my same old verizon email address but I'm not around the pc every day anymore. Lots of stuff has gone on on my side and I'll bet on your side, too. Miss talking to you a lot. Maybe you'll see this and put a post below. Here's hoping :) xxxxxxxx