Not Spring.

Okay, I like cold, I like snow a lot, but I lived in Florida and Texas most of my life. The day after Christmas, I’m done.We always put the holiday things away while listening to Jimmy Buffett and got ready for Spring, which would be there any day. Somehow doing that while snowed in is just not the same. And, it’s a long wait for Spring. 


  1. I know what you mean, Jan. I hadn't been out of the house since Christmas Eve when the snow started until today when I FINALLY dragged myself outside to at least clean off the car. So, I cleaned it off and then turned it around so the sun would hit the windshield tomorrow, and that, my dear, was the end of my day. Can you spell s-l-u-g? Now if you'll just put on a little Jimmy Buffett and pass me a Margarita, I "might" get up some energy ;)
    GREAT to see you back

  2. It's 5 degrees right now, I hope to dream of sandy beaches, drinks with umbrellas, maybe some of us girls lying around in the sun having drinks delivered.. my mind can warm up but I'm having a hard time convincing the rest of me! "Toes in the sand"....

  3. Hey, Jan, 50 minutes to midnight, so I'll say HAPPY NEW YEAR just a tad early to you :D
    I know darn well I'll fall asleep before the ball hits the ground. So funny, it happens every year, and every year I wake up 30 seconds AFTER the ball completes the trip. All I hear on TV is everyone yelling Happy New Year and then in a blink it's over. Gawd, I'm old ;)