Oh, here I am.

I lost my blog, I found it, but didn't remember what email I used, so I couldn't sign in. I forgot I created a new email just for it, so I searched my computer and ta-da!
So, anyway, I've had a great Christmas season, I spent time with my daughter and her family, which just happens to include my BRAND NEW GRANDSON! And of course, my wonderful grandaughter, who is 10, and my 16 year old grandson! Then back home, and back to work.
I'm trying to find people from Spaces that I followed, it will take a while to get settled here I guess.  


  1. Well, I'll be! Can you see me dancing around, Jan? It's the Happy Jig!
    Your trip sounded so good. You've got to post some photos of that. As for Spaces, so far you have me and you have Dana. Start by going through our followers lists and you'll find more that way. It's tough, but little by little we are beginning to find each other again -- and I have to say, I'm very excited about it. I'd really sort of given up on blogging after Curtis passed away and even Mom before that, but the old bug is coming back and that's good.
    Did you tell Pat Merry Christmas for me? I can't wait to read all the blogging you'll do (lol, see, that's guilt I'm putting on you so you can't quit). Your blogs have always, ALWAYS been so good!
    Catch up with you soon. You still have my email and remind me to give you my new phone number or I'll forget. ~~Later XOXOXO

  2. Hi, Jan, I am from spaces too, was Bamacatlover but now , just greatgrannybee. I found you on Jenny D. It caught my eye that you are from NE TN, love that State. I'm in AL and Son and Grands in TN.

  3. GG, if I can badger Jan into blogging like she used to, you will be HOOKED. She is so funny and so insightful and you'll never be bored. I just love her

  4. Hi, Jan, thanks for coming by. My TN Son is in Manchester and my Grands live on the mountain.