Carpet vs. Jan

I'm trying to do a few home projects this weekend. I want to remove the carpeting in my room. I think it's causing problems with my asthma, but when I'm going through asthma stuff, I think everything causes problems. I can't take everything out of my room, so I'm cutting up the carpet a piece at a time. I would not recommend this process for anyone other than a slightly loony asthmatic on heavy pharmaceuticals. Pat walked in earlier, I'm there in the floor with a particle mask on, with sweat running down my face, my reading glasses half falling off, pulling backwards on a stubborn piece of carpet, just as she opened the door, the carpet came up and I went down. haha. Not really funny, I thought.
So, what am I going to do when I get the carpet up? There's only the subfloor, not the old hardwood floors I had hoped for. I can't afford to do anything nice. I might just paint it with floor paint, and later put in new floor cover. At least it would stop the dust and all in the room.

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